Emergency Departments


Arlington Volunteer Ambulance Squad
Serving the Arlington Area 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Volunteers are always needed on the service however there are no classes currently scheduled. Jay DeVries, President - (605) 203-0960

Arlington Volunteer Fire Department
There are currently about 25 volunteer fire fighters for the Arlington Area. Fire Chief, Trevor Keating (270-3999)

The city of Arlington maintains a town whistle located in the city water tower. The whistle is blown to notify volunteer fire fighters of a fire and when a severe storm is imminent. The whistle also sounds at 7:00 am, Noon and 6:00 pm each day. THANK YOU to all Arlington Area Volunteers for all you do to keep us safe!

Police Department
Kingsbury County Sheriff - (605) 854-3339 for non-emergency calls.

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