New Construction

If you’re interested in new construction, Arlington is the perfect place to build your dream home. Contact Tim Holzer at (605) 203-0995 for information on lots available in the new Johnson Addition! The development of Johnson Addition was created to accommodate the growing need for housing in Arlington.

Johnson Addition is located as close as one block from the school on one end and one block from the city park and swimming pool on the other. Roads and utilities are in place for all lots and we have contractors ready and willing to start building your new home. Click here for a list of area contractors.

Existing Properties

If you would prefer to move into an existing home, here are some individuals who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for!


Best Choice Real Estate
Sarah Steffensen
(605) 203-0977
Email: sarah@brookingshomes.com
Website: www.brookingshomes.com

Best Choice Real Estate
Josh Nelson
(605) 203-1560
Email: josh@brookingshomes.com
Website: https://josh.brookingshomes.com/

Rental Properties:

  • Park View Apartments (605) 983-5000 (office) or (605) 203-0977
  • Mills Property Management (605) 697-3175 (Brentwood 1, Brentwood 2, Prairie House)

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